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A Doctor That’s Been There…

Everyone has struggled in life but when it comes to health concerns, people are often dismissed. This is especially true in the hormone world. I understand. As someone who has gone through chronic stress, abuse, hormone issues, and massive weight loss, I have experienced many things my patients are feeling and this afforded me more empathy and compassion.

Going through many of the same health issues as my patients have, has given me a unique view of medicine. I can sympathize and place myself in their shoes, which allows me to be a better physician.

I am a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor that specialized in integrative endocrinology. I help men and women optimize their hormone health so they can feel more like themselves again.

“No one cares how much you know, Until they know how much YOU care.”


You don’t have to suffer in silence. Even though what you are going through is common, it’s not always healthy. You deserve to live a better life and feel like yourself again.


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Natural Skin Is In

Natural Skin Is In

Have you ever wondered why everyone is making a such big fuss over all natural skin care products? It’s not just because its “in” to be ‘all-natural’ but there is a physiological explanation to all the hype. Your skin is the largest organ system in the human body and...

30 days of natural skin care products – Cleansers

30 days of natural skin care products – Cleansers

Are You Curious? Have you ever wanted a Doctor's opinion on over-the-counter skin care products? To celebrate writers November, I will be exploring the kindest thing you can do for your skin. As the weather changes, treating yourself to products that protect,...

Why You Want An All-Natural Toner

Why You Want An All-Natural Toner

What is a toner and why they are important? Day 2 of Writers November, and it's time to talk skin toners. Toners are a great addition to your skin care routine because they do a multitude of things. They are generally used right after you cleanse your face, to add an...

Facial Serums or moisturizers?

Facial Serums or moisturizers?

Have you ever wondered why some people choose facial serums over moisturizers, or vice-versa? Preferences can be due to nostalgia, what each product contains, or what is needed for a particular skin type. My mother still swears by creams that she's used since she was...

The Medical Science of Moisturizers

The Medical Science of Moisturizers

I know I spent the last blog written about how serums have an advantage over moisturizers but there are some compelling reasons why you would want to use moisturizers. Moisturizers can do what serums can’t. They can not only hydrate to the skin but they can strengthen...

Sunscreen You Can Eat

Sunscreen You Can Eat

I know what you are thinking, it’s November, why do I need sunscreen? It’s a common misconception that we do not need sunscreen in winter months because we are not bathing in sunlight. While it is important to get our necessary 15 minutes in the sun everyday to...

Retinols, Not Your Mother’s Anti-wrinkle Cream

Retinols, Not Your Mother’s Anti-wrinkle Cream

You might have seen retinols in creams, serums and oil when you are shopping for you night skin care routine. But what are they, why you need them, how can they help you? Retinols have become extremely popular due to their miracle skin cure history. They claim to be...

Hair Care, The Natural Way

Hair Care, The Natural Way

Hair care is a tricky subject. Everyone’s hair needs different care, just like their skin. What everyone’s hair doesn’t need are chemicals. These synthetic compounds are used to preserve, soften and add fragrance to the hair product. These same chemicals cause a whole...

Client Testimonial

Dr. Coats saw me for hormones. She listened to my issues and truly heard me. She set me up on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. My life has changed because of her. I feel 100% better and am getting even better as time continues. I would recommend her to anyone. She is a very caring doctor, extremely experienced and explains everything to you.
Laura L. - Patient

I was so happy after seeing Dr. Faith. She provided me with options for my chronic back pain. I’ve been seeing a massage therapist for over a year and had no progress and continual re-injury. I would highly recommend her.
Chris M - Patient

Dr. Coats is one of the reasons I am still alive today! As a two-time cancer patient, I have been so fortunate to find Naturopathic treatment for cancer, which is a huge improvement over the chemotherapy I had for my first cancer! I have been stable with liver cancer for 3 1/2 years now, and have had NO other treatment for this cancer other than Naturopathic treatment! Love the fact that, in addition to my cancer treatment, I can also get dermatology treatments that make me look fabulous too!
Cathy J - Patient

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