Hi, I’m Dr. Faith

I help YOU live your best life

Your struggle of not knowing what is going on with your hormones ends TODAY.

As a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor and integrative hormone specialist, I’m on a mission to help you take control of your own health and weight, feel fabulous, and live your most confident life!

I work with women to support them in reclaiming their energy, increasing confidence, and naturally losing weight by optimizing their hormones.

My Story Is Not So Different From Yours…

In fact, I know exactly what you’re going through because I’ve been there myself. 

While in college, I gained 100 pounds. Every day I felt exhausted and uncomfortable in my skin, and both my confidence and energy were at the lowest possible level! 

I started to diet and eventually lost 80 pounds. I still had 20 pounds to go and those were really tough to drop. My weight was yo-yo-ing, I was constantly depriving myself and being unhealthy to my own body and mind. If that wasn’t enough, by the end of med school, I was also dealing with SIBO, adrenal dysfunction, and (after stopping birth control) my hormones were a total hot mess!

I Really Didn’t Feel Like Myself…

I was so tired from it all; that’s when I decided to fix it for good, take a look at what was behind these issues and find a SUSTAINABLE solution that would help me feel at my best again.

Guess What?

It wasn’t my motivation…

Once I fixed my hormones, I kept off that 100 pounds and finally reclaimed my confidence and repaired the relationship with my mind and body. 

Today I’m bringing that same sustainable solution to you, so you can do exactly what I did and fix your hormones to live an effortlessly energetic, confident life.

With Me, You’re In Safe Hands!

  • A Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and graduated Summa Cum Laude
  • A Bachelors Of Science in Cellular Molecular Biology
  • Minors in Chemistry and… DANCE!
  • Associates In Biological Science & Liberal Arts
  • Advanced Training In Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Advanced Training In IV & Anti-Aging Therapies
a few of my favorite things…

If you’re into personality tests, you should know I’m an INTJ (Myers Briggs) & a Projector (Human Design).

DIY & Puzzles

I’m a total DIY Queen and a puzzle enthusiast


I love psychology and how we can use the power of our minds to support our relationship with ourselves and others.


I’m a big fan of sustainable products and I love eco-friendly lifestyles.


I’m an avid personal development seeker and while I’m a Doctor, I’m here to keep on learning along with you.


I truly believe that everything is “figureoutable”.

My Values



Your mindset is 80% of the journey. If you fix your mindset than nothing will stop you from getting everything you desire.



You can have your favorite foods in moderation and still have a balanced life.



Laughter is medicine. It’s important to not take yourself too seriously and keep life fun and stress free!



If you have symptoms, there’s a reason! Only when you address the root cause of the problem can you find a sustainable solution to it.



Labs are the only way to find out which hormones are causing your energy, performance and weight issues!



The diet and fitness industry is toxic and we need to unlearn deep-rooted beliefs in order to have a healthy relationship with our bodies and minds.

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