Are You Tired Of Being At The Mercy Of Your Own Body?

Reclaim Your Energy, Naturally Lose Weight,
& Get Your Sexy Back

Discover the hidden cause behind your weight and performance struggles and start living life to the fullest.

Does This Sound Familiar? Relatable? Like Your Life?

You’re a busy professional woman. Your day-to-day is filled with ticking off tasks, running from one thing to the other and covering all the different roles you have in life. You sacrificed everything for your ambitious goals, but even though on paper you’re living the life you want, whenever you look in the mirror, you don’t recognize yourself. 

Your energy is low, your confidence is nowhere to be found and your overall health just resembles a hot mess.

You’ve tried it all and yet you can’t seem to find a winning formula that won’t get in the way of  your high performance lifestyle.

I Can Relate...

I know how frustrating it can be to face weight issues and lack energy to chase your dreams, without knowing the actual source of the problem or how to fix it.

I understand you, because I’ve personally been where you are and I’ve supported many other women who were going through the same.

I know you’re tired of struggling with...

Daily Energy Crashes

Feeling Uncomfortable In Your Skin

Food Obession

Fad or Restrictive Diets

Insatiable Hunger

Feeling Lost On How To Fix it for Good

But what if there was a way to tackle the root cause and finally feel energized and sexy again?

If that sounds just like what you need, then you’re in the right place!


The Energized & Optimized Program

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The revolutionary 6-month experience that helps you fix the hidden cause behind your weight issues, while giving you back confidence and tons of energy to live life to the fullest.

By the end of the program, you will feel like your best version of yourself.

Energized & Optimized was created to help women take a closer look at what’s holding their weight loss back…

By diving into their hormonal balance – the real cause behind most of these issues!

Over the Next 6 Months...

Together, we are going to completely overhaul the 8 most common problematic hormones; you’ll understand what your body needs, you’ll make easy-to-implement lifestyle changes, and find the key to unlock your energy and confidence.

You will finally leave the toxic diet culture behind and put an end to the daily food obsession that leaves you drained and weary. You will stop feeling uncomfortable in your own body and you will start embracing a whole new, self-assured, fabulous version of yourself.

Are you ready to feel energized, confident and sexy again?

Dr. Faith Coats: Faithful Doc Naturopathic Doctor

As a Women & A Doctor...

I know how defeating it is to not feel comfortable in your own skin, to constantly feel fatigued and frustrated at your own body. I know because I’ve been there myself!

After struggling for years with my body image and weight, I finally deep-dived into my hormones and fixed the root cause behind my weight issues; I found myself feeling confident, naturally energized, sexy and I was performing better in my professional life.

I’m now on a mission to help other high performing professional women to experience the same transformation – that’s why I’ve created the Energized & Optimized Program!

Here’s the 3-step Method that we’ll leverage to optimize your hormones for good and put an end to your weight and energy struggles:

3 Phase Energized & Optimized Method

Healthy Hormone Habits

I show you how to remove the barriers that make the hormone resets harder and we start building healthier (hormone) foundations.

Hormone Harmony

We work on resetting the 8 most common problematic hormones and bringing them to harmony, so you can feel at your best all the time.

Clarity & Confidence

Time to upgrade your mindset so you can make your results last longer and finally embrace your new confident self.
When I met Dr. Faith, I was a hot mess. I couldn't sleep, I had no libido, no energy and I had crazy mood swings. Once i started working with Dr. Faith everything changed. In just a matter of months I was sleeping better, my libido was back, my energy went up, and I lost 25 pounds.
Dr. Faith Coats: Faithful Doc Naturopathic Doctor
"After working with women’s hormones for years I have put together a proven blueprint that gets you results."
Dr. Faith Coats: Faithful Doc Naturopathic Doctor
Dr. Faith Coats
Naturopathic Medical Doctor

Here's What's Included:

How It All Breaks Down

A Personalized Plan

You’ll get my support to create a personalized plan that works for you and your hormones. This is not a one size fits all program.

Hormone First Approach

We look at where your hormones are now and evaluate what needs to be optimized and rebalanced to boost your results.

Easy and Healthy Meal Plans

No fad diets or guesswork! You’ll learn what foods are best for your hormones, how to leverage your metabolism and get access to hundreds of easy, delicious recipes.

Energizing Essentials

You’ll learn how to boost your energy, optimize your sleep, live healthy longer, and how to keep stress at bay that is specific to your hormones! No more generic health advice.

A Healthy Mindset For Life

Weight loss and energy are as much physiological as they are mental. Together, we will work on your mindset so you can make sustainable changes and leave the toxic diet culture behind!

All This While...

Getting my direct support and being part of a fantastic community of women who are on the same journey!

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Hi, I'm Dr. Faith

I’m a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor and integrative hormone specialist, and I work with high-performing professional women to support them to reclaim their energy, increase confidence and naturally lose weight.

I know what you’re experiencing because I’ve been there myself. I understand what it’s like to be an ambitious woman and struggling to perform and reach your goals, while feeling fatigued and uncomfortable in your own skin.

Only when I finally dived into the hidden cause behind my low energy and weight issues, was I able to drop 100 pounds, keep it off and feel energized like never before!

Ever since 2019, after finalizing a proven methodology that’s worked over and over for my clients, I’m on a mission to help professional women like you to be in control of their body, feel fabulous and achieve a healthy weight. How? By showing you how to understand what’s really holding you back, so you can find a sustainable solution that makes you live your best life – as your best self!

Dr. Faith Coats: Faithful Doc Naturopathic Doctor
"After completing the program my energy sky rocketed and I lost 30 pounds in just a few months."
Dr. Faith Coats: Faithful Doc Naturopathic Doctor

Fixing your hormones holds the key to a new you and the lifestyle you desire

Once you uncover what needs to be fixed, you can finally take the steps that’ll give you more energy and improve your relationship with your body. 

You’ll reclaim your confidence, find your sexy and naturally lose unwanted inches, while becoming the most balanced, beautiful version of yourself. 

Are you ready for the transformation?

Got Questions? I Have Answers:

Hormone testing is included in the VIP package only. However, you will get access to my favorite hormone panels and specific hormone lab kits that I recommend. These kits are meant specifically for energy recovery and weight loss so you don’t have to worry about getting testing that is not helpful to your end goal. You will also get access to the hormone lab masterclass that helps you interrupt your results so you know exactly what to focus on to get results. 

If you are planning on getting pregnant then its important to optimize your hormones to improve your odds of conceiving. If you are nursing then the only thing I would be concerned about is taking certain supplements which can impact your new bundle of joy. The good news is that you do not need supplements to get a transformation through the program. 

Not at all. Everything you learn and implement in the program is meant to give you lasting results without having to invest more resources. 

However, if you want to fast track your results then hormone testing will tell you which hormones are out of balance and the supplements will give you the nutrients you are missing. 

If you do decide to get hormone testing then you can also take advantage of time we have together in the program to get all your questions answered and tailor the program to your results.

Yes, I built this program to help women of all medical backgrounds. Energized & Optimized is 100% safe and I would never put you in a position that would compromise your health.

In fact, many clients said they felt so good after the program that they were able to reduce or eliminate medications because their doctor told them they don’t need them anymore. 

Disclaimer: Always talk to your doctor before starting a new diet or exercise regime.

The program is  meant to be completed in 6 months and it is completely self paced. I gave plenty of time to complete it on your own schedule because I know what it feels like to be a busy professional women. 

You will get access to support for 6 months. This will give you plenty of time to complete all the modules and for you to make lasting changes in your lifestyle, diet and mindset. 

Yes. I have made all the meal plans with the option of animal protein or vegetable protein because I didn’t want to exclude anyone. 

I designed all the meal plans to be free from all major allergies as well. We excluded gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and red meat as to avoid the most common problematic foods. 

The program is hosted digitally and you will get immediate access as soon as you sign up. 

I wanted to make sure you can access this course no matter where you are. The lessons have both video and audio options so you watch or listen to them while you travel.

Yes! You don’t have to wait for an enrollment period to join. As soon as you sign up you will get access to all the program materials and you can get started immediately. 

The only caveat to this is if you are interested in being a VIP member. Depending on demand, I might have limited spots available.  

Yes, having a group atmosphere is a great experience while going through a transformation because you don’t have to feel alone. I believe that it is the missing link in modern medicine.

Groups allow for accountability, camaraderie and belonging. We go much farther together than alone. 

Some of my clients have met other women in the program and have made deep connections because of the shared interest in health and hormones. This is something you don’t get when you go to your doctor, and I think it’s something that’s important for long term success. 

In the program you will get access to a telegram support group as well as a group on the program website. Here you can post questions, make connections, and learn from each other while transforming your body and mind. 

No, I made this program so you can get a transformation without additional investments. 

Throughout the program, I give all my favorite resources just in case you want to know which have made the biggest difference in my clients as well as my own. 

I also teach you which products, supplements and hormone testing will make the biggest impact so you don’t have to guess or waste more resources. 

You get lifetime access to the program so if you wanted to invest in the future you will have those resources available for when you are ready. 

Due to the digital nature and intellectual property rights of the program, I do not offer refunds or guarantees. I am trusting that you make the right financial decision for you.

Since this program is based on your own effort and participation then I can not guarantee results. My promise to you is that I will provide guidance so you can reach your own personal health goals but you need to make the sound investment in your health so you can have a life long transformation. 

You will get 6 months access to my support as well as lifetime access to the program so you have plenty of time to get the results you desire as long as you stick to the program.

I reserve the right to make accommodations for extenuating circumstances. 

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