Energized & Optimized

Reclaim Your Energy, Self Confidence & Naturally Lose Weight

Without Fad Diets Or Overwhelm.

Are You Tired Of Being At The Mercy Of Your Body?

You sacrafice everything for your ambitious goals but you’ve noticed your energy, self confidence and health are just not where you want them to be. Now you want to get your health back but you can’t seem to find the winning formula without sacrificing your high performance lifestyle.

You’re Tired Of Struggling With…

Daily Energy Crashes

Daily Energy Crashes

Daily Energy Crashes

Daily Energy Crashes

Daily Energy Crashes

Daily Energy Crashes

Daily Energy Crashes

Daily Energy Crashes

Have You Ever Wondered...

If there was a better way.

A way with less resistance and more ease. A way for your body to naturally release the weight, regain energy and give you the confidence to go after your dreams?


The Energized & Optimized program is a revolutionary experience that gives you everything you need regain your energy & lose weight by rejuvenating your hormones. Over the span of 12 weeks we are going to completely overhaul the 8 most common problematic hormones. We give you invaluable hormone knowledge, easy to implement lifestyle changes, a step-by-step plan, meal plans, and professional support so you can rapidly regain your energy & self confidence.

3 Step Method

To Optimizing Hormones For Good

Step 1: Energizing Essentials

Stop doing habits that are causing the problem and start doing what works.

Step 2: Revitalizing Reset

Expand on the basics and reset the 8 most common problematic hormones.

Step 3: Hormone Harmony

Maintain results by transitioning back to life safely & effectively.

Program Break Down

How Does it Work?

We will help you reset the 8 most problematic hormones that are holding you back from boundless energy, unshakable confidence & the sex drive of your dreams by using 5 key pillars designed for stressed, busy, driven women.

After working with women’s hormones for years I have found that these are the pillars that get you results.

5 Key Pillars


Inflammatory Foods & Lifestyle Habits


Beneficial Sleep & Exercise Habits


Gut Health & Clear Toxicities


Adrenal Health For Energy & Ease


Hormone Function To Maintain Results

Here’s What’s Included

Meal Plans

Hormone Lessons

Lifestyle Changes

Lab & Supplement Req.

Hormone Assessment & Plan

We tailor the program for you & give you a plan to boost your results.

Meal Plans & 100+ Recipes

You don’t have to guess what to eat. Vegetarian & Vegan option included.

Private Support Group

We offer a private space with dedicated health experts & a community.

Simple Action Tasks

We break down complicated ideas into easy, uncomplicated weekly tasks.

Track Your Cycles

We teach you about your cycles and how to leverage them for energy.

Manage Stress

Get useful and fun stress management tools specific for hormones.

Step By Step Method

For hormone optimization. It’s as easy as following the plan to get results.

Supplement Recommendations

During your initial appointment we offer recommendations to boost results.

Stop Toxic Habits

Stop toxic behaviors that are keeping you and your hormones stuck.

Assessment Tools

10 hormone quizzes so you know which ones to focus on during the course.

Ditch Toxic Products

Know which products are causing you grief & get replacements that rock.

Optimize Hormones For Life

Learn the basics & easily maintain results. You can stay optimized for life.

Testing Recommendations

Get hormone testing recommendations based on your hormone audit.

Weekly Group Accountability

Accountablity will keep you on track and you do not have to feel alone.

Easy Hormone Lessons

We teach you how your hormones are effecting you & your life.

Manageable Lifestyle Changes

We reduce overwhelm by offering simple lifestyle changes that work.

Live A Life Of Balance

We give guides for dining out & teach you how to live a life of balance.

Lifetime Access

You will have access to the lifetime of the course with updates.

Meet The Creator

I am so thrilled that you are ready to be a part of our community & that you are ready to truly want to transform your hormonal health forever. 

This program & experience was something I always wanted to offer my patients but the principals are not built into the traditional medical model. So even though I knew the therapies worked, I couldn’t provide all the tools necessary to ensure lasting results.

Having the ability to reverse and prevent your own hormone issues without having to rely on endless doctors appointments, medications, or baseless diet hacks truly feels like a superpower.

In 2017, I knew I had to get my energy & sex drive back but going to fruitless doctors appointments and trying endless hormone balancing supplements, diet protocols, and unrealistic lifestyle changes was… overwhelming.

In 2019 however, I finally discovered a methodology that works for both me and my clients so you can have the correct tools that work while filtering out the background noise. This way you don’t have to struggle like I did to fix your hormones.

Fixing my hormones was not done by chance.

I have helped hundreds of women get their life back, and I know it’s possible for you too.

Happy Clients

See There Transformation When They Decided It Was Time To Fix Their Hormones

Danielle has tried to get her PCOS and past medical conditions under control with medications for years with little success. See how much success she has had in ONLY 3 months.


Desika was able to completely overhual her PCOS & Hoshimoto’s symptoms and in 3 months she reversed her low moods, sleeps through the night, has too much energy, and lost 40 pounds.


Frequently Asked Questions

It is not recommended to do the program while you are pregnant. If you are breast feeding then it is wise to wait at least 6 months post partum before trying to balance your hormones.

The program is designed for women that struggle with autoimmune conditions like PCOS, endometriosis, and Hoshimoto’s. All recipes, supplements and lifestyle recommendations were made with those conditions in mind. Please talk to your doctor if you are concerned. 

As a bonus for the program, you will receive 3 group coaching calls in which you can ask your questions and see how I can help you on a more intimate basis. If you run into any trouble with your order you can always put in a help desk ticket & we will work to resolve your concerns. 

Yes! I wanted to help every get the help they needed in one convenient package. There are options for every dietary preference & the supplements are gluten, diary and soy free.  

You do not need anything special in order to complete the program. I will give you all the resources you need to help you choose what is right for you. 

Due to the digital nature of the program refunds are not offered. If you are on a payment plan and you can not continue the payments then the let us know and we can stop payments. Unfortunately, you will not lifetime access to the program if you do not finish the payments

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