Hormone Lab Packages

Hormone Testing

Have you been told your labs are normal but you still don’t feel good? You might have been told this because the tests your provider ran didn’t uncover the problem. Believe it or not, hormone tests are not created equal. You may need a different approach to get the answers you need.

What Are Functional Medicine Tests?

Functional medicine lab testing aims to prevent disease before it happens by assessing patterns of imbalance.

Benefits Include

    • More Information Then Standard Testing
    • Uncover The Root Cause Of Your Symptom
    • Address What Is Causing The Problem
    • Resolve The Problem For Good

How Does It Work?

Packages Offered

We have lab packages for everyones budget. Each package comes with a complementary lab education appointment so that you can learn more about what the lab results mean. 

Pick Which Test Is Right For You

Ordering lab tests are easy and convenient. All you have to do is choose how much information you want to know about your hormones and order the kit. 

Taking The Lab Test

Once the order is placed, a lab kit will be sent to your house. You simple follow the instructions on the kit, complete the test kit, and mail it back to the lab. You can avoid all the annoying issues of getting your blood draw at a testing center. 

Getting Results

Once your results are ready you simple make an appointment to review the results. 

Hormone Testing Packages

What You Need to Know 

This isn’t a standard appointment you have hade with your healthcare provider. We are only interested in getting you answers. This is an education based service. Here are somethings you need to be aware of.


Educational Purposes Only

This is an educational appointment only and it is meant to teach you about optimal hormone functions. We will not be diagnosing you with any medical conditions.


Bring A Notepad

You want to come prepared with something to take notes on so that you can bring your concerns to your healthcare provider.


Bring Questions

This is an opportunity to ask all the question you might have about your concerns. We will not be able to offer specific medical advice but we can offer education and guidance.

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