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You May Have
Low Cortisol

(AKA Adrenal Dysfunction/Fatigue)

What Does That Mean?

This means that fatigue, emotional fragility, low blood pressure period/fertility issues, and weight gain might be due to too little cortisol.

BUT! Don’t worry because there is plenty you can do to sort it out.

Here are a few things

To Get You Started

Lifestyle Recommendations

  • Swap out endocrine-disrupting beauty and hygiene products for cleaner options.
  • Consider switching to non-hormonal birth control (If on one).
  • Incorporate more stress management into your daily routine (yoga, breathing, meditation, baths, walks, nature, etc.)
  • Work to support fatigued adrenals by developing a nightly sleep routine

Nutrition Recommendations

  • Try swapping alcohol or caffeine (which interfere with your sleep cycle and can contribute to fatigued adrenals) with an herbal tea like peppermint or ginger.
  • Add citrus and foods that contain high amounts of vitamin C.
  • Add in more healing, nutrient-rich foods like bone broth, wild-caught fish abundant in omega-3’s or probiotic-rich foods like coconut yogurt


A calming and hormone support formulation to help reduce excess cortisol.


A comprehensive botanical adrenal support formulation.

Get Real Answers

Quizzes are a great starting point but if you want to fix your hormones for the long term, you need to get your hormone levels tested. I have a few options that will make it easier.

Weight Loss Lab Masterclass

Weight Loss Lab Masterclass

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Dr. Faith Coats: Faithful Doc Naturopathic Doctor

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What’s Next?

Now It’s Time For Concrete Answers & Learn AboutYour Hormone Levels

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