The Weight Loss Lab Masterclass

The only masterclass that shows you how to get to the root of your weight and performance issues, so you can finally fix them for good!

Dr. Faith Coats: Faithful Doc Naturopathic Doctor

Do you want to know how to be in control of your weight and finally feel like yourself again?

Join The Weight Loss Labs Masterclass

Learn how to decipher your hormones, understand the hidden cause behind your weight and performance struggles and find a sustainable way to feel your best again.

Here Is Why You Haven't Seen Success

“This is not helping, what am I doing wrong?!”

Restrictive diets, generic nutritional advice and endless strenuous workouts - you’ve probably been through them all and as your weight or energy levels didn’t change.

It's Not You or Your Willpower... It's Your Hormones.

The thing is – while all of this might work for some people, it’s not addressing the biggest challenges of weight management for women: HORMONES!

Find The Problem & Get Sustainable Solutions

By deep-diving into hormones and understanding the role they’re playing, you will unveil the root cause of your weight and performance issues and finally fix it for good, in a sustainable way.

Of course, the question is...

how do you deep-dive into your hormones?

By testing them and learning to understand the results!

In order to truly know what is going on with your body, you need to test your hormones and then learning to understand how to use the results.  

And... That's Why I Created This Masterclass

Which shows you exactly everything you need to know when it comes to getting your hormones tested and interpreting the results, so you can finally feel in control of your health, weight and energy!

Dr. Faith Coats: Faithful Doc | Naturopathic Doctor

Join the Masterclass today and you will learn:

Metabolic Hormones

Which hormones contribute to your weight and energy levels so you know what to test.

When To Test For Accuracy

Your hormones fluctuate daily, when you test your hormones is important for accuracy.

Gut Health & Hormones

How gut health and hormones go hand in hand when losing weight.

Testing Sample Types

The different types of hormone testing samples & why/when you need them.

Important Hormone Tests

What hormone and gut health tests are important for weight management.

Normal Vs. Optimal Levels

How "normal" hormone levels might be the reason you are struggling.

And... to make testing easy for you, during the Masterclass I will also share the exact links to buy the best testing kits available on the market.

Bonus: Lab Review Masterclass

When you buy the advised kits, you get immediate access to my complimentary Lab Review Masterclass! This is the perfect resource to learn how to interpret your results and understand what to change or what supplements can help you fix your hormones.

All That For Only $37

Hormones & Gut Health?

Along with covering the impact of hormones on your weight management, I will also discuss gut health and how to test it. Why? 

Because gut and hormones are closely related, and you can’t lose weight and feel energized if your gut is not functional!

The Weight Loss Lab Masterclass will give you key insights on how your gut is impacting your hormones & metabolism. It will also show you the exact tests you need to have a valuable overview of what’s happening in your body right now, so you can take control and make a sustainable change.

When You Fix Your Hormones,

You Put An End To:
  • Fruitless Doctors Appointments
  • Weight Loss Surgeries
  • Damaging Dieting Pills & Medications
  • Expensive Supplements
  • Restrictive Eating Behaviors
  • Food & Exercise Obsession
  • Feeling Burnout & Self Conscious
  • Yo-Yo Dieting
  • Years Of Frustration

Wouldn’t it be nice to skip the headaches and just know exactly what to address or change to finally feel comfortable in your own skin and be the most fully capable version of yourself?

This $37 Weight Loss Lab Masterclass is here to show you how!

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Meet The Creator

Hi, I’m Dr. Faith Coats. I’m a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor and integrative hormone specialist. I work with high-performing professional women to support them to reclaim their energy, increase confidence and naturally lose weight.

I know what you’re experiencing because I’ve been there myself. I understand what it’s like to be an ambitious woman and struggling to perform and reach your goals, while feeling fatigued and uncomfortable in your own skin. 

Only when I finally dived into the hidden cause behind my low energy and weight issues, was I able to drop 100 pounds, keep it off and feel energized like never before! 

Now I’m on a mission to help you be in control of your body, feel fabulous and achieve a healthy weight. How? By showing you how to understand what’s really holding you back, so you can find a sustainable solution that makes you live your best life – as your best self!

Dr. Faith Coats: Faithful Doc | Naturopathic Doctor

Frequently Asked Questions

The testing kits I recommend are not included in the masterclass price. Lab testing is regulated on a state by state basis. Some restrictions apply and that is why the class was designed separately.

Once your order comes through, you will be automatically sent an email with all of your the details. You will have access to a private member area where you can login and watch the class.

You’re never too young or too old to test your hormones. Imbalances can happen at any age. The younger, the better because you will have plenty of time to correct them.

It can be! A majority of women I support have stomach issues and hormone imbalances. That’s because they are intimately related. This is why I included it in the class. Can’t have healthy hormones without a healthy gut!

The Weight Loss Lab Masterclass is separate from the lab review masterclass. Once you purchase through the link then send us an email and we will get you access to the lab review masterclass.

Yes! I made this course to help everyone, no matter your education level. Whether you’re a hormone noob or a seasoned pro, you will learn a ton in this masterclass.

If you have symptoms then there is something not working right. If you are feeling constantly tired and you are overweight, sluggish, and just not performing at your best then it’s time to check your hormones. 

Due to the nature of digital products, refunds will not be granted. If you are having technical issues then please email and we will do our best to help you find a solution.

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